Matan Braner-Kadish, Washington, D.C


I'm not sure I've made a better decision than the day I decided I would be coming to the Mechina in Jaffa.

Looking back on it, I am so happy that I pushed past my hesitations of language, distance, and culture and embarked on the best journey I've ever taken.

The year in the mechina made me smarter, stronger, more prepared for life, and allowed me to develop a connection to incredible Israeli youth from all over the country, and travel, study, live, volunteer, work and grow with them by my side.

A place to both give and receive, the mechina in Jaffa is an amazing place no matter where you are from, and for anybody who loves Israel and wants to understand, travel, explore, and live Israel in the most amazing way possible, this is the place for you.n 

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