Lexi Unell, Kansas City, MO


 My name is Lexi Unell, and My most meaningful experience in mechinat nachshon  so far has been survival week. Survival week was a week were we were sent off in small groups with just a map, a compass, and little to no food.

Throughout the week we were giving set points to navigate to on our own.  We spent all day walking from the top of one hill to the top of another, it definitely wasn't easy. We walked from morning to night and ate almost nothing in between. 

Survival week was probably one of the biggest accomplishments I had the whole year. Throughout the week I never gave up or complained, even when we made mistakes that had us walking back miles to where we started. 

The week was not as much physically draining for me as it was mentally draining. Every day walking about 12 or more kilometers, not knowing how much longer we had until the end. With all the time spent walking, I had a lot of  time to think about everything. One of my many thoughts was about my group leader. I would think about how good of a job she was doing, and how I could not compare to that if I was ever in her position. Little did I know that on the third day they would surprise us and switch the groups and the leaders, and I would be chosen to be one of them. I instantly became nervous, I took everything so seriously and got stressed about everything trying to make sure everything would be perfect. As soon as we got back on the trails I was afraid to mess up and that all the blame would be put on me. Suddenly in the middle of the trail I realized who I was surrounded by; my friends who were willing to take instruction, and help me if needed. I knew that I didn't have to be the leader I thought I had to live up to, but I could decide what was good for the group and for me. 

Survival week turned out to be a week where I was pushed to my limit and forced out of my comfort zone, and for that I will always remember that week. 

In the end to see all that I accomplished, and all the land we covered, and how I endured it all and came out stronger, was more meaningful than anything else. I'm thankful to the mechina and the framework of the program for allowing my and giving my the chance to grow and see what I am capable of  not only personally, but in a group as well.

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