Adam Bernitz, South Africa


I'm currently in Mechinat Keshet Yehudah , all the way up in the Golan Heights. 

This amazing year is about to come to an end and my military service is about to begin. I am so incredibly indebted to this institution. I'm indebted to the staff of the Mechina and my friends , who inspired me , built me , encouraged me , taught me and above all allowed me to learn about myself. 

This particular mechina is so unique for multiple reasons. The natural beauty that we are surrounded by is second to none. Waterfalls and natural pools to swim in at our disposal. The mechina is a place that offers the best of both worlds : Torah and army preparation. Many high ranking individuals from many units throughout the course of the year come to speak at the mechina . We never had to receive regurgitated , second-hand information that was manipulated - we heard the stories of heros from the heros themselves. We train on a weekly basis with ex-special ops. or currently serving special ops. Servicemen. From Krava maga and anti-terror training, daily workouts , navigation training and hikes , mental and spiritual preparation and so much more - hardly anyone can even attempt to compare . 

The mechina was chosen out of all the mechinot , to come and train new recruits from MACHAL. I think the mechina's reputation for having discipline and experience in the field, was a great contributor to the making of this decision. I'd like to add , with pride, that this mechina has one of the highest percentages of students who have been accepted to commando and other special units , per capita.

The mechina has an incredible foreigners program. I am very fortunate to have been accepted to the program. We have integrated with the Israeli boys and we , if I do so say myself, speak a far better quality level of Hebrew. I made Aliyah prior to coming to the mechina. The mechina taught me on a whole other , far deeper level, how important my decision was. The importance to serve in the IDF, to protect this majestic country I call home , and the love for Torah and Avodah, is emphasised so much that 99% percent of this year's class is making Aliyah and drafting to צה"ל now and in the near future.  

Thank you to my Rabbi , and to this incredible institution.

We are the future, we are the lion of Judah.

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