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Location: In the Upper Galilee at Kibbutz Kfar HaNassi, Kibbutz Mayaan Baruch and Kibbutz Bar'am
Dates: September-June (10 months)
Level of Religious Observance: Pluralistic
Gender: Co-ed
Program Language: Hebrew
Tuition: $16,000


The Upper Galilee Social Pluralistic Leadership Institute is a unique educational framework that offers youngsters who have finished twelve years of schooling an opportunity for personal development through a combination of studying, hiking, acquiring leadership skills, experiential learning, and volunteering in the nearby area in a variety of fields.

The framework encourages the participating students to develop independent thinking and to enhance their ability to cope with future challenges and the tasks of adult life.

The institute’s students are graduates of twelve years of schooling, young men and women from all over Israel, who have deferred their induction into the IDF by one year. They all recognize the need and are motivated to acquire experience and tools that will help them benefit society and their community in the future.

The program combines studying and task-oriented assignments with intensive social and cultural activity, through daily life. The lessons are on a high academic level, taught by professional lecturers. The students are active partners in the process, and they occasionally teach certain subjects under the lecturers’ guidance.

Our leadership institute puts special emphasis on exposing students to a wide variety of views and opinions, which are studied and examined in depth, with respect for freedom of ideas and beliefs as the basic point of departure.

The students participate in tasks on several levels, from personal to group level, gaining practical experience in activities and responsibilities and expressing the value of active contribution for the benefit of others.Throughout the program, the students dedicate a vast amount of time and resources into volunteering in the vicinity and are encouraged to contribute as much as possible for the benefit of the entire community, Volunteering is a key pillar in the students’ day-to-day  life on the program, and ultimately contributes to a meaningful and exceptional year.

For instance, one group works at the region’s nursing home for the elderly, another at a hostel for the mentally impaired. Others tutor children and youngsters, participate in a group project of leading seminars, and more. In addition, as part of living on a Kibbutz, the students participate in the community life and contribute by organizing activities with and for the community.

The students live in the institute dormitory, a setting in which they can build a rich, varied cultural and social lifestyle. Once every few weeks they hold an Institute Sabbath, for which they choose and prepare a special program.

The students are involved in all levels of administration and organization related to the operation of the Upper Galilee Leadership Institute. Their administrative teams and general assembly meet weekly. This structure enables them to gain experience in taking responsibility and in management. Under the professional guidance of the Institute staff, this is a significant learning activity.


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