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Location: Adamit, Haifa and Mizra
Dates: September-June (10 months)
Level of Religious Observance: Pluralistic
Gender: Co-ed
Program Language: Hebrew
Tuition: 16,000$

At a Glance:

In this year of service, students are encouraged to take responsibility for what is going on in their communities, in the broader society and among the Jewish people, while also embarking on a personal journey to deepen their knowledge and clarify their values and goals.

Mechinat Rabin cultivates young Jewish leaders who want to express and explore their solidarity with the Jewish people through a year of volunteering and informal study. The Mechina was founded after the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin to combat the disillusionment and apathy that prevailed following that national trauma. Strong emphasis on community involvement and social responsibility through volunteer work in surrounding communities; discussion-based study of a broad range of subjects; a tight-knit community of students who govern all aspects of life in the Mechina.

Work in the Community

Mechinat Rabin sees community service as an important tool in developing leadership qualities.  Under the supervision and guidance of the Mechina faculty, students learn and grow from their experiences in confronting the challenges of working with different populations. While focusing on their own personal development as leaders, they also gain firsthand understanding of how volunteer initiatives impact the Mechina’s target populations.

Volunteering takes place in towns and cities surrounding the Mechina, in elementary and high schools, and in other educational settings outside the traditional classroom. Most of the work is with at-risk youth and children with leadership potential. Students in the Mechina are given latitude and encouragement to pursue their own educational and community initiatives, both within the framework of their regular volunteering and beyond.

Enrichment Studies

Studies in Mechinat Rabin are conducted in an informal setting, emphasizing small group work, open discussions in groups of various sizes, and tours.  Students are active partners in designng the content of the studies.

Mechinat Rabin studies include a variety of core subjects in sociology, economics, leadership, Judaism and global perspectives.  Additional enrichment subjects include philosophy, Zionism, art, social criticism and more.

Studies offer new and alternative perspectives on the issues. In a course on the concept of “pioneering”, students gain a historical perspective, from the early Zionists up to the social pioneers of today.  In the beit midrash, students strive to understand the relationship between Jewish texts and current reality, gaining a unique new perspective on modern life through the lens of ancient texts.

Communal Living

Students in Mechinat Rabin gain the experience of living in a tight-knit, self-governing community of peers.  Each student is encouraged to take initiative, and participates in one or more of the committees charged with operating all aspects of mechina life – from buying groceries and preparing meals, to planning cultural activities and Shabbatot, to raising environmental awareness within the Mechina, and more.

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