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Location: 3 campuses in Shfelat Yehuda, otherwise known as the Judean foothills, the campuses; Nahal Oz, Eliav and Kibbutz Beit Guvrin
Dates: September-June (10 months)
Level of Religious Observance: Pluralistic
Gender: Co-ed
Program Language: Hebrew
Tuition: $16,000

Lachish is a coeducational, religiously, ethnically, and socio-economically pluralistic mechina program. The mechina combines uniquely intensive studies of Jewish identity, Zionism, Israeli society and philosophy with coursework in the arts and environmentalism, as well as independent study. Lachish Mechina also offers courses on Jewish peoplehood.

At the Lachish Mechina, you’ll be involved in community life on the kibbutz and in surrounding towns. You’ll participate in a wide variety of volunteer service projects, such as spending time with and assisting the elderly, aiding children and young adults with special needs, tutoring at an Ethiopian absorption center, and working in the kibbutz fields. You’ll build relationships with your adopting family, deepening your connection to Israeli society and to the kibbutz community.

Through the mechina’s education program, service projects, navigation seminars, archaeological excavations and agricultural work, you will gain useful and valuable life skills. The mechina program is designed to prepare you academically, ideologically and physically for the next steps in life. You’ll gain valuable leadership skills and experience to help you succeed in any academic or career framework.

Over the course of the year-long program, you will grow as an individual and with your group as you take on new responsibilities as Jews, Zionists, and Israelis. You will play an active leadership role in managing various aspects of the mechina. The program aims to help participants become highly motivated, socially conscious and educated individuals with a sense of purpose and dedication to the Jewish people and to the State of Israel.

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