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Location: Zichron Ya'akov
Dates: September-June (10 months)
Level of Religious Observance: Pluralistic
Gender: Co-ed
Program Language: Hebrew
Tuition: $16,000

Leadership Academy for Excellence Through Sports

Established in 2018, the Five Fingers Mechina implements a Physical-Mental system formed by the Five Fingers Movement. Our training methods focus on acquiring tools, skills and values to better encounter the modern-age challenges and needs.

We believe that the most important asset we have is our character, therefore we put special emphasis on character-building.

The unique Physical-Mental system allows our students to acquire inter-personal skills by building resilience, self efficacy and esteem. This is achieved by coping on a daily basis with personal challenges and through group dynamics and team building activities. All these combined exposes the students to the importance of team building, the power of the group and the powerof inter-personal connections. Every aspect of life in the Mechina is being performed with all “five fingers”- to be the best that I can be.

The Five Fingers system focuses on developing these capabilities. Our goal is to create within our students a sound foundation, allowing them to enhance their personal development, and contribute to the community and society. 

Our Key Principles

Active and Physical Lifestyle

We focus on Physical/Mental workouts and routines which the students experience as individuals and as part of a group, on a daily basis.

Learning, Action and Social Awareness

We train our students through the Five Fingers method and encourage them to take part in the movement’s activities and programs.

Community outreach

The students contribute to the local community through volunteering and social projects. Special weeks are dedicated to working with different communities throughout Israel.

Social Awareness

The yearly program familiarizes the students with key issues and topics within the Israeli society, the main emphasis is to deepen the understanding and knowledge of Israel’s diverse groups and cultures.

The Program

Our program is aimed to foster responsibility and leadership, the Mechina's schedule and activities are being led by the students themselves with the supervision of the instructors and staff. Our students take an active part in the movement's activities,and experience leading workouts and training sessions, first-hand.

Each week is dedicated to a different subject or field and the cadets are responsible for carrying out the content and logistics. The Mechina has tenured teachers and advisors, each specializing in different disciplines, such as society and culture, physiology, leadership skills and more.

Our Facilities- the Five Fingers Center

Located in Zichron Ya’akov (South of Haifa), next to the municipal recreation center, were some of the Mechina activities take part such as physical training and lectures.

The Mechina campus is located south of Haifa, in the beautiful town of Zichron Ya'akov, and is intended for girls and boys alike. The campus facilities include 4 apartments, a lecture hall, training area, media center and library, offices and kitchen.

About Five Fingers Movement

Five Fingers is a Social-Educational- Movement, formed in 2014, that operates to foster cultural and civic change in Israel.

The Movement works with a variety of groups and sectors - youth members, alumni, athletes, students, teachers, coaches and other key figures within Israeli Society.

The goal of our training methods is to better equip youth and young adults with skills, capabilities and values to better encounter modern-age needs and challenges.


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