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Location: in the Central Arava region, in three locations - Hatzeva, Paran and Ein- yahav
Dates: September-June (10 months)
Level of Religious Observance: Pluralistic
Gender: Co-ed
Program Language: Hebrew
Tuition: $16,000

Mechinat "Arava" is open to all the different Jewish denominations, creating a uniquely diverse group.

As a Mechina our vision is to help develop strong, valiant leaders who will promote prosperity in Israel, a Jewish-democratic country or wherever they may be.

We believe in modest leadership based on personal example and acceptance towards all mankind.

Our gap year is mainly devoted to understanding the complex Israeli society, exploring the amazing nature that surrounds us, and giving back to the community through both volunteer-work and taking part in the local agriculture.

Our studies include a wide range of subjects such as philosophy, psychology, economics, Jewish studies, politics, education and many more.

Throughout the year we are given the chance to experience joint living and acquire the important skills that come along with it, skills that will contribute to our personal development and our near and far future.

The mechina lies within the magical Israeli dessert in agricultural settlements. The special bond we have with the land and the people living around us is an inseparable part of our gap year.

What makes our program special?

Agricultural work:

During  the year we are given the opportunity to take part in the local agriculture. This physical work represents the zionist mission we are a part of and is an inseparable part of our personal and collective journey.

Connection with the community and the Arava area:

As part of our program we believe in devoting ourselves to the community and taking an active part in the community's celebrations and events as well as deeply experiencing the desert and nature surrounding us.

Hikes and nature:

Our program exposes the group to many different magnificent hikes and views and the diverse societies intertwining within them

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