Volunteer and study while living in a community of Israelis your own age in one of Israel’s prestigious Mechina programs

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Learn valuable leadership skills to prepare you for your future


Study Judaism and Jewish identity, Israel history & culture


Make positive impact for Israel and its people


Get to know the land & people of Israel with amazing trips & encounters
Yachad Gap Year gives you the opportunity to have the ultimate immersion experience in Israel, by living, studying and volunteering in Israeli mechina programs with Israelis your age. The word Yachad means “together,” and as a participant, your Israel experience will be more up-close and personal than any other – because you’ll be doing it together with your Israeli peers.
Yachad offers you a broad range of Israeli mechina programs to give you the ultimate Israel immersion experience. Browse through the different options, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Once you know which mechina is right for you, fill out our registration form to get started on your way to Israel!


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