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Marking a year since the Tzafit Gully disaster: A Joint Council seminar in memory of the victims

A year after the flash flood that struck candidates for Mechinat Bnei Zion during a hike, the Joint Council held a memorial seminar for the ten victims

Sunday, 19 May 2019 12:03

The entire world of the mechinot (pre-military leadership academies) from students to mechina heads came together in Jerusalem last Sunday for a seminar marking the passage of one year since the Mechinat Bnei Zion disaster in Tzafit Gully. We came together to remember and to commemorate, to discuss, to study, and most of all, to fulfill the obligation of the mechina enterprise to learn and to set things right, so that human life never again will be lost, hurt, or endangered during a mechina activity.

At the memorial ceremony held during the day, Israel Prize laureate Ms. Miriam Peretz said: “I see you, and I believe in you and in your power to change reality. Let’s remember the flood, and turn it into a flood of love. A flood of brotherhood. A flood of giving and friendship. I wish you good days of good news, and for the call you answer to be the call of life.”

The memorial came on the heels of approximately 70 discussion sessions in which some 3,000 students from secular, traditional, and Orthodox mechinot participated, along with the Or, Cohen, Barhum, and Shamir families, whose children were lost in Tzafit Gully last year.

In the year since the disaster, our thoughts and hearts have been with the victims’ families, who lost what was most dear. These vibrant, vigorous young people, cut down in an instant, left us to make things right, and we continue to pursue that task.

Yael Sadan
Ella Or
Maayan Barhum
Romi Cohen
Tzur Alfi
Shani Shamir
Galy Balely
Agam Levy
Adi Raanan

May they rest in peace.

Photo credit: Amnon gutman