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Tu Bishvat: Celebrating nature and study at the mechinot

Tree-planting, community events, a Tu Bishbat seder, and more as the mechinot celebrate Tu Bishvat.

02/02/2018 - 11:01

Israelis everywhere marked Tu Bishvat this week, and the mechinot were no exception.

Mechinat Chemdat

Students at Mechinat Chemdat, in partnership with the KKL, planted trees and held a Tu Bishvat seder with recently arrived Israelis in Ashdod.

hemdat 1

Mechinat Minesharim Kalu 

At Mechinat Minesharim Kalu, in Maagan Michael, students conducted a lavish Tu Bishvat seder.


Mechinat HaEmek

The students of Mechinat HaEmek hosted activities for children of elementary school age at Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin. Participants decorated  flowerpots and concluded the day with a Tu Bishvat trivia contest.


Magen Shaul Pre-Military Academy

The Tu Bishvat seder at the Magen Shaul Pre-Military Academy included an assortment of tasty Israeli fruits, four cups of wine for each participant, a festive prayer service, and singing into the night.


Mechinat Maskiyot 

At Mechinat Maskiyot, Tu Bishbat was Parents Day! The schedule began with a stretcher trek for the students, who were welcomed back to the mechina by their parents. Activities continued with fire writing and planting trees, and then an open meeting of staff and parents. The day closed with a sumptuous supper that the students prepared for their parents.




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