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Good Deeds Day: Mechina students give back to the community

Every day is a day for a good deed, but on Good Deeds Day last week, millions of Israelis and others worldwide put in time as volunteers. The students of the mechinot also volunteered to help others and their local communities, and they definitely made some people very happy

23/03/2021 - 00:16

Mechina students know very well that every day of the year is a day for good deeds. They have regular, usually weekly volunteer obligations, play an active role in the local community, and spearhead social and civic projects without being given any particular directions.

Nevertheless, many mechinot couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do something special last Tuesday in honor of Good Deeds Day. Dozens of students from various mechinot chose a range of good deeds to do and went out to volunteer and contribute, giving of themselves and doing good together.

Students at Mechinat Ruach Nachon helped out at the Ein Kerem neighborhood’s new Har HaTzofim community garden, while the students of the Ein Prat Leadership Academy organized a spring market as a fundraiser for needy families ahead of Passover.

מכינת העמק

Mechinat HaEmek

The Yemin Orde Mechina lovingly cleaned up and planted at the Chatzor HaGlilit community garden, and students at Mechinat Minsharim Kalu in Maagan Michael traveled to Or Akiva to clean up the home of an elderly man in need of assistance.

The students of the Jerusalem Mechina conducted a fundraiser for Pub HaMifletzet, painted a soup kitchen, and distributed food to the underprivileged. Mechinat HaEmek traveled to Haifa, where the students cleaned up the local beach.

Dozens of students from various mechinot chose a range of good deeds to do and went out to volunteer and contribute, giving of themselves and doing good together

The Arad branch of Mechinat Derech Eretz helped the city’s welfare department by restoring address markings on homes with elderly owners. Now all buildings are numbered, getting one’s bearings around town is easier, and if anyone needs to call an ambulance, it will arrive without difficulty—and quickly.

Students from Mechinat Tzahali cleaned elderly individuals’ homes in the local council region and put on a secondhand market (after donating 49 units of blood the previous day). They also hosted Minister of Culture and Sports Chili Tropper, who talked with the students about living with meaning and why it’s important to leave something positive behind us, “because at the end of the day, Good Deeds Day isn’t just about exceptional good deeds. Day-to-day life is full of good deeds,” as they wrote in a Facebook post after the day’s activities.

יום המעשים הטובים מכינת צהלי 7

Mechinat Tzahali


Good Deeds Day started off in 2007 as an initiative of Israeli businesswoman Shari Arison. Every year since, it’s taken place in more than 100 countries, with thousands of projects and millions of volunteers who take a break from their routines to do something good for the other or the environment. It’s a crowning moment for the good deeds of the whole year.

The main message is simple: a good deed can be anything, whether it’s smiling at someone on the street, inviting a friend for lunch, visiting an elderly neighbor, or volunteering with a social or environmental project to renovate and paint daycare centers and hostels, clean up beaches, participate in intergenerational dialogue, gather donations for disadvantaged groups, or create community gardens.

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