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Wednesday, 24 November 2021 20:49

“A very powerful physical experience that teaches about knowing how to give and how to receive”

This week, the students of the three braches of Mechinat Lachish volunteered on a hike for members and supporters of of OneFamily,

a nonprofit that helps care for terror victims and provides them with assistance, leadership, motivation, and smiles.

Under the leadership of Michael Bauer and with the help of Paratrek, a company that helps make hiking accessible,

individuals with physical disabilities who can’t walk easily were able to participate in the hike.

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Ministry of Health recognizes mechina students who provided child care during Operation Guardian of the Walls

At the height of Operation Guardian of the Walls, when schools were shut down, mechina students opened daycare centers to take care of the children of medical staff. Now, we are excited to report that the Ministry of Health has presented them with a certificate of appreciation for all their hard work.

Joint Council of Mechinot CEO Dani Zamir said: “There is no greater deed than extending a hand to one’s brother in a time of crisis.

הענקת תעודות שומר חומות

Mechinat Derech Avot celebrates Sigd in Jerusalem

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Yuval Sassi, a student at the Mechina at Hannaton, told us about her reasons for going to mechina:

“I came to mechina because I wanted to dedicate the year before my military service to understanding who I am, what values I want to represent, what I believe in, and where I belong, and to use that to become a better person. My expectations are to get to know the differences and diversity in Israeli society in depth, tackle challenges, and get out of the comfort space of what’s familiar.”


Inbar Amrani, a student at Mechinat Bnot Hamidbar, told us about her reasons for going to mechina:

“I came to mechina to mature, develop, and enrich myself. To get to know new people and get to know myself anew. I expect to open up to new people and worlds and to experience new things that I never thought I’d do.”


 Maya Wegier, a student at the IMPJ Mechina, told us about her reasons for going to mechina:

“At mechina, I’ll be able to learn new ways of spreading the good things in Israel, and how I can do a better job of protecting it. I expect that this year, I’ll hear a lot of different opinions and learn more about Israel.”


Or Yagour, a student at Mechinat Nachshon, told us about his reason for going to mechina:

“My expectations for the rest of the year are to actualize myself so I can feel like the best possible version of myself. I expect to get a lot more experience putting together projects and taking responsibility for achieving different goals, and developing personal values so I can influence people like me who want to make the country a better place. I want to learn more about living independently so I’ll be ready for the army.”


Gal Yanover, a student in the Hallel group at Mechinat Tzahali, told us about her reason for going to mechina: 

“I felt that mechina was the best place for me to achieve my goals, which are to develop personally, to be at peace with my religious path, and to learn from up close about the different groups in Israel that I haven’t gotten to know. My main expectation is to be the best possible version of myself at the end of the year. I also expect to get to know friends who will stay with me after mechina, and of course to enjoy the special atmosphere and take advantage of every moment—both socially and academically.”

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