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NIS 30 million donation from KKL to strengthen mechinot in the north

As part of the agreements underpinning the Development Plan for Northern Israel, KKL provided NIS 30 million for renovations at the 13 mechinot in the north.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018 14:07

esterday evening, at an exhilarating ceremony hosted by Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee, the first leg of the multistage plan for renovation and construction to benefit the mechinot (pre-military leadership academies) in the north came to a conclusion.

The government first announced its plan for strengthening the north in December 2016. As part of the program, it was decided that NIS 30 million in KKL funds would be transferred for renovation of the mechinot, some of which are housed in dilapidated old buildings. The process was badly delayed, and there was need for a struggle to make it happen, but in the last several weeks, there has been progress and the money has been transferred.

Dani Zamir, CEO of the Joint Council of Mechinot, said after yesterday’s ceremony: “After a year and eight months of nail-biting, the big day has come: KKL chairman Danny Atar—the man who promised and followed through; Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon; and the Prime Minister’s Office are transferring NIS 30 million in KKL funds for development of the north for renovations and construction to benefit the mechinot of the north! Tremendous kudos and thanks to all who had a part in making this happen!”

Now all that’s left is to roll up our sleeves, rev up the construction vehicles, and start digging foundations. Very soon the mechinot will be able to operate out of new buildings worthy of them.

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