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Mechina heads visit Ministry of Education situation room

The heads of the mechinot met with the personnel of the Ministry of Education situation room, learned about what they do, and discussed their future work together.

18/06/2018 - 12:40

Following the tragedy in Tzafit Gully, where nine young women and one young man perished, several committees were established in partnership with the Ministry of Education. The committees’ goals are to reassess all procedures currently in place and to prepare a document including procedures and regulations for future activities. As part of the committees’ ongoing work, it was decided that all of the mechinot would immediately begin working with the situation room of the Ministry of Education.

In order to ensure that work with the situation room would begin without any problems, the heads of the mechinot met with the personnel who work there. During the visit, they learned about the important role of the facility and how to make the most of working with the situation room.

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