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Shibolink 2020: A new group of leaders hits the road

A new year begins, and with it new participants in Shibolim and Link 20’s unique joint leadership program. The goal: to improve equality of opportunity and boost awareness of the participation of individuals with disabilities in society

Sunday, 06 October 2019 23:35

As part of the process of choosing representatives for the 2019–2020 Shibolink leadership group, lectures were held last week at Mechinat Minsharim Kalu and the Mechina at Hannaton. Mechina (pre-military leadership academy) students met with Ofir Dahan, a social activist who spoke about the barriers and challenges facing individuals with disabilities and his activism in affiliation with the Ruderman Family Foundation’s Link 20 movement. Additional sessions at other mechinot will follow.

Shibolink consists of two two-day seminars in December and January in which the group will choose a focus topic for the representatives. They will study it in depth, meet with representatives of government agencies, the Commission for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and opinion leaders, and then utilize social networks to improve the situation.

Last year’s Shibolink team worked for the modification of nature sites to maximize accessibility for individuals with disabilities, while the previous year’s leaders acted to ease the process of volunteering for service in the IDF.

The Shibolink leadership group is a collaborative effort of Shibolim, the program for mechina attendance among young people with disabilities, and Link 20, a national network of young people with and without disabilities. The program is for students at mechinot participating in Shibolim.

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