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“It’s exciting that young people with disabilities want to serve”: Shibolim graduates get their berets

The Shibolim alumni of 2019 are already serving in a variety of roles in the IDF. At a recent ceremony, some of these volunteers received their orange berets. Pvt. Einav Galperin: “It’s a good choice, and it’s fun to prove that disabilities can’t stop us”

10/08/2020 - 21:25

Last Tuesday, a ceremony was held at the base of the IDF Home Front Command in the south in honor of Gvanim volunteers. At the ceremony, Einav Galperin and Itai Ofer, who attended Mechinat Lachish as participants in Shibolim, the program for placing individuals with disabilities at mechinot, received their orange berets.

“I think it’s admirable and exciting that young people with disabilities want to volunteer in the IDF,” said Pvt. Einav Galperin. “It’s a good choice, and it’s fun to prove that disabilities can’t stop us.”

Galperin briefly served in a civilian capacity. Two months in, she officially became a soldier. Since she went through both systems, she was handled both by the Volunteers Department of the Logistics Corps and by the Volunteers Department and the Screening and Diagnostics Department of Meitav. Today, she is serving in the Home Front Command in Ramla as an operator in the Emergency Information Administration. Ofer is an assistant in the base commander’s offices.

עינב ואיתי שיבוליםEinav Galperin, Chen Cohen, Itai Ofer, and Eyal Reindorp

In the audience at the exciting ceremony were Shibolim alumni coordinator Noa Cohen, Mechinat Lachish’s Beit Guvrin branch director Efraim Beck, counselor Chen Cohen, and Galperin and Ofer’s friend and fellow alumnus Eyal Reindorp. Gvanim Southern District Manager Michal Gev and other Gvanim staff members also attended the event.

The Shibolim program, founded four years ago by the Joint Council of Mechinot, helps dozens of young people with disabilities attend mechina every year. The program is operated by the Joint Council of Mechinot in partnership with JDC–Israel Ashalim, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health, the National Insurance Institute Funds, the Ruderman Family Foundation, and UJA–Federation of New York.

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