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The Tzafit Disaster: Aharonishky Commission publishes report on safety at the mechinot

We present for your consideration the report of the Aharonishky Commission, established by the Joint Council of Mechinot following the disaster in Tzafit Gully this April

Wednesday, 12 December 2018 13:32

The frightful death of nine young women and one young man on a Mechinat Bnei Zion team-building hike in Tzafit Gully severely shook the world of the mechinot (pre-military leadership academies). No words of comfort can dispel the great loss of these teens who are no longer with us. All of us who exercise responsibility for the mechinot must examine and understand the problems in full and implement new guidelines so that such a tragic event will not happen again.

Out of an understanding of the magnitude of the incident and a desire to preserve the mechina enterprise, the Joint Council established the Aharonishky Commission to construct an optimal model of operations and clearly defined safety concept for the mechinot. The independent commission was led by three professionals without any connection to the mechinot.

“To the best of my judgment,” wrote Joint Council CEO Dani Zamir in a message to mechina heads, “the commission has performed thorough, in-depth work and is making important recommendations. “The board of the Joint Council will discuss the recommendations of the report on Thursday, December 20, 2018, and decide how to implement and apply the report. I find it appropriate to express my deep thanks to all the members of the commission for the time and effort they dedicated to it. As for us, may we not experience any disasters in the future, and may we succeed in correcting and rectifying whatever requires it.”

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