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Shoring Up the Perimeter: Mechina students lead restoration activities in Be’eri Forest

In the shadow of the missile threat and in light of the damage done by kite terrorism, the students of Mechinat Arava–Paran decided to put on an event in solidarity with the Israelis living near Gaza. Students from 16 other mechinot rallied to the project

28/01/2019 - 13:28

Last Thursday, the students of Mechinat Arava–Paran led an event featuring restoration of damage done by kite terrorism to Be’eri Forest and a show of support for Israelis living near Gaza. Mechinot (pre-military leadership academies) from throughout Israel took part in the event. First, participants spent time pruning and collecting litter in the forest, and then all

took part in a festival for the residents of the Gaza perimeter, organized by the students of the mechinot and additional volunteers. The festival included sales stands set up by locals and a guest appearance by artist Nechi Nech.

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“It all started with the idea that emerged from a few mechina students thinking about how to put on a solidarity event with the residents of the Gaza perimeter in the shadow of the missile threat and kite terrorism. The students contacted KKL and learned that there was a need for manpower to help repair the damage done to the forests in the region,” said Itamar Turiski, the mechina counselor who managed the event. “It was important to us that the students be those making it happen, take care of advertising, and recruit other mechinot for the effort. The heads of the mechinot answered the call immediately, and KKL helped fund buses from 16 mechinot. During the event, there were four active hubs, with between 100 and 200 participants at each.”

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KKL and the mechinot have been partners for three years now. Hagit Ohana, KKL director of education for southern Israel, said: “About a month ago, we received an excited message from students at Mechinat Arava–Paran about Tu BiShvat. They wanted to do something good in the area of the Gaza perimeter together with mechinot from throughout the country. We at KKL helped with preparing the ground for work, KKL foresters spread out in the field and helped with management and guidance, and the Forestry Department in the area helped with equipment. This is the kind of partnership we want to see—education, community, and forests. Together, we are successfully putting into practice the Zionist values of KKL.”

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