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New combat officers: One in four graduated from a mechina

This Wednesday, the parade ground at Training Base 1 filled up with new combat officers for a stirring ceremony marking the end of their course. We’re proud to report that one of every four new officers on that parade ground is a mechina alum

03/03/2021 - 00:05

Once every few months, the parade ground of the IDF Officer Training School at Training Base 1, adjacent to Mitze Ramon, fills up with fresh, excited officers who have just finished several weeks of grueling training on their way to becoming commanders.

Even spectators who couldn’t attend because of COVID restrictions could tell from the live feed that there was excitement in the air. For graduates’ families and friends, seeing the new officers on the parade ground with their shiny new ranks, and all they symbolize, was a source of pride like none other.

Some officers will continue climbing the ranks, becoming leaders who directly influence Israeli security

The cadets made their way to the 59th class of the unified combat officer course from all parts of the army, from combat brigades, special units, and a range of roles. The dozens who graduated and will serve as officers attested to one significant aspect of the success of the mechinot:

A total of 22 percent of the new officers—almost one-quarter—are mechina alumni!

The new officers will now disperse throughout the army to serve as commanders in combat roles. Some will continue climbing the ranks, becoming leaders who directly influence Israeli security. They will realize the vision of the mechinot, provide leadership, and mold the next generation of Israeli soldiers.

Time after time, we are happy and proud to see a high percentage of mechina alumni among officer course graduates, as they realize the values of leadership and meaningful military service that they learned at mechina.

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Bnei David Institutions alumni graduating from IDF officer training