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New Mechinot Year!

A new year started at the Mechinot across Israel. we gathered a few updated from around the country.

16/11/2017 - 11:54

Team-Building for the Students of Mechinat Kerem-El

Mechinat Kerem-El is getting ready for the academic year with team-building exercises for its new students. As the photo makes clear, it was a difficult beginning.

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Mechinat Eitan Students on Beitar–Jerusalem Trek to Start the Year

The students of Mechinat Eitan are starting their mechina experience with a multiday hike from Beitar to Jerusalem.

Photo: a scene from the third day of the hike. Good luck!

eitan maale adomim

New IMPJ Mechina Affiliate in Holon

The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism Mechina has opened a new affiliate

Last Thursday marked the beginning of the fifteenth year of the IMPJ Mechina in Jaffa, and the first of its new affiliate in Holon. There will be 24 IMPJ students in Holon, and 51 will study in Jaffa.

They that sow in tears
Shall reap in joy.

Though he goeth on his way weeping,
Bearing forth the seed,

He shall come again with joy,
Bringing his sheaves with him.

The inaugural event will be announced in the coming weeks. Keep posted!

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New Mechina of the Upper Galilee Affiliates Open Their Doors to Students

Students arrived at the new branches of the Mechina of the Upper Galilee.

After trekking through mountains, fields, and valleys, the students of the Mechina of the Upper Galilee arrived at its chapters in Mayan Baruch, Kefar Hanasi, and Baram. After extensive planning and preparation, all locations are now active and geared up for the new year.

New Class Arrives at Mechinat Haviva Reik

Haviva Reik Academy for Humanistic Leadership at Givat Haviva welcomes the class of 2018.

Mechinat Haviva Reik at Givat Haviva has opened its doors to the class of 2018.

In the photo: students at a monument memorializing Haviva Reik.

Good luck!

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Rabin Pre-Army Leadership Academy Class of 2018 Finishes Team-Building Week

The twentieth class of the Rabin Pre-Army Leadership Academy has completed its first week of mechina.

The class of 2018 at the Rabin Pre-Army Leadership Academy has completed a demanding week in the field on the Golan Heights.

The heat was oppressive, entry was barred to most sources of water, but students and staff successfully met every challenge they faced on their journey.

After their long week, the 130 students rested at a Bitanya Tachtit camping ground. Since they were there, they took the opportunity to give the historic site a thorough cleaning (totaling 45 garbage bags).

Then, in the dead of night, they proceeded to Bitanya Illit, which received the same treatment (20 more bags). We tip our hats to our staff members and new students! Pioneers of Bitanya, we won’t forget you! Your successors have arrived.

New Second-Year Program at Mechinat Ami-Chai

Mechinat Ami-Chai has inaugurated a second-year program at its new Arad location.

Mechinat Ami-Chai in Kibbutz Keramim has expanded its operations and is conducting a second-year program for the first time. The new offering, an eight-month program based in Arad, will emphasize volunteer work and in-depth study. Good luck!

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