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Fifteen young families attend Be’Artzeinu Kerem Shalom introductory conference

An introductory conference for Be’Artzeinu’s Kerem Shalom project was held last Thursday with the participation of Dr. Yoaz Hendel.

Saturday, 10 February 2018 10:57

This Thursday, Be’Artzeinu held an introductory conference in for its Kibbutz Kerem Shalom project.

Fifteen curious young families , including secular, religious, and mixed couples, came to hear about life in Kerem Shalom.

The conference began with an inspirational lecture by Dr. Yoaz Hendel, who spoke about his experiences as a recent arrival in the mixed community.

Afterward, participants sat together at tables for open discussions with representatives of the kibbutz, who addressed all of the families’ questions.

The conference left us confident that a wave of good people would soon be on their way to making new homes in Kerem Shalom.


The kibbutz expects many more families to follow this wave and bring additional social and communal strength to the burgeoning community.

Kudos to Kerem Shalom for organizing the event! We’ll keep you up to date with further developments.

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