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2018 Knights of Quality Government: The students of Mechinat Kerem-El

The prestigious award was presented at a special ceremony recognizing the public relations work done by the mechina’s Druze and Jewish students with a range of audiences in Israeli society

07/02/2019 - 10:47

This Monday, the 2018 Knights of Quality Government Award was presented to Mechinat Kerem-El at the Modi’in Hall of Culture. “This is a distinguished and proud moment that happens once in fifty years, if ever,” wrote Mechinat Kerem-El head Munir Madi on his Facebook page.

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Mechinat Kerem-El was chosen to receive the prize in the education and culture category in recognition of a trailblazing act of education by the mechina, whose students include Druze and Jewish youth from throughout Israel. The students took the lead in public relations work on the subject of the relationship of the Druze community with the Jewish people and the State of Israel, appeared before a range of population groups, and exhibited robust partnership. “We express our great appreciation to the public committee, led by retired judge Dalia Dorner, to Movement for Quality Government Chairman Mr. Eliad Shraga, our friends at the Quality of Government Institute, and especially CEO Dr. Shahaf Gal, Ms. Zehava Chen-Turiel, and Dr. Shai Nechushtai,” concluded Madi.

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