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Yemin Orde Mechina hosts Kav Lachayim

The Yemin Orde Mechina and local Bnei Akiva chapter hosted Kav Lachayim for a weekend of activities.

22/02/2018 - 10:50

The students of the Yemin Orde Mechina, in Hatzor Hagelilit worked with the local Bnei Akiva chapter to host Kav Lachayim, a nonprofit that helps children  with physical and mental disabilities, for a weekend of activities.

Kav Lachayim plays an important role in providing guidance, therapy , and support to young Israelis with physical and mental disabilities. Several times a year, the children of Kav Lachayim spend a weekend together, along with staff and attendants, and last week they came to the Yemin Orde Mechina. 

After learning that the local Bnei Akiva chapter had invited Kav Lachayim, the students of the mechina decided to participate and provide hospitality for three days, from Thursday to Shabbat . A range of activities were prepared for the three days, including karaoke Thursday evening, games and other activities  on Friday, a Shabbat eve service on Friday evening, and Shabbat-related sessions  the following day.

The children and attendants were given the royal treatment  at the mechina, and the mechina students got to learn about children with disabilities, help them, and work with them.

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