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Educational approaches to gender at the mechinot Joint Council of Mechinot releases instructional pamphlet for mechina staff

The instructional pamphlet addresses educational staff at the mechinot and offers language and tools for addressing matters of sexuality and gender during the mechina year

Saturday, 24 August 2019 23:44

Following up on its meetings during the 2018–2019 mechina (pre-military leadership academy) year, the members of the Steering Committee for Gender Issues are ready to release the instructional pamphlet that they’ve prepared. The pamphlet seeks to serve instructional staff at the mechinot as an educational aid for dealing with sexuality and gender issues that come up during the mechina year (as well as in other informal educational settings). Last year’s meetings were led by Orit Pascal and Dotan Arieli. The committee is part of the Joint Council of Mechinot gender project, in which 15 mechinot participated last year and 20 will participate this year.

In the 2018–2019 activity year, participating mechinot intensively implemented content on gender at mechina as part of the year’s pedagogical program. A steering committee at the level of mechina heads and directors met for a number of days to collaboratively study and reflect on sexuality and gender issues at the mechinot. Over the course of the year, an evaluation study was conducted to assess the impact of the project among students.

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