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Training day for engagement coordinators at the mechinot

At every mechina where students from Shibolim are mainstreamed, there are mainstreaming coordinators whose job is to make sure the process proceeds in the best way possible. How? Last week they came together for a training day on the topic.

10/07/2018 - 13:00

Last Wednesday, representatives of Shibolim and the mainstreaming coordinators convened for a day of training for engagement coordinators at the mechinot. It was a day of endings and a day of beginnings. The program was presented at length to the new coordinators.

Afterward, existing coordinators joined them, and each in turn talked about a significant event or episode from last year’s mainstreaming process. The coordinators then took part in a discussion about inclusivity and whether the mechinot can adapt their operations so even more students, and not only those with disabilities, can get more out of them. Afterward, program evaluation research was presented, with an emphasis on the need for cooperation from the mechinot. Coordinators gave feedback about last year and received training in the various procedures and about the professional responsibility we share.

A personal leadership map, developed in the context of last year’s individual program plans, was presented in detail, and the coordinators were given instructions for working with such a plan. Several participants asked about using the map for all students, and not only program participants. The idea was well taken: since the leadership map is not intended specifically for individuals with disabilities, all are more than welcome to use it.

Noa, Shibolim’s alumni coordinator, gave a presentation on her role, the various processes that she goes through with program participants, and how she works with staff at the mechinot.

A rich, productive, and enlightening day was had by all!

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