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The Council of Mechina Students 2.0: Dozens attend first session of 2019–2020

Activism, responsibility, and unity. These are the values that the council chose for this year. At a busy first session, students learned about the different mechinot and the Joint Council of Mechinot, and worked together to come up with a shared project to execute this year

06/01/2020 - 23:52

This Sunday, the first session of the Council of Mechina Students of 2019–2020 took place at Daat College in Tel Aviv. The Joint Council of Mechinot (Gap-Year Leadership Academies) spearheaded the creation of the Council of Mechina Students last year. This year, there already were 60 students from 27 mechinot—Aderet, Ami Chai, Be’er Ora, Beeri, Beit Yisrael, Bnei David, Derech Eretz, Ein Prat, Eitan, Goldin, HaEmek, Hanegev, Hannaton, IMPJ, Jerusalem, Kerem-El, Lachish, Maoz, Meitzar, Minsharim Kalu, Nachshon, Ofakim LeMada, Oz Shlomo, Rabin, Ruach Nachon, Upper Galilee, and Yonatan.

After meeting each other, a presentation about the Joint Council, and a discussion of the goals of the Council of Mechina Students for the coming year, the students selected three values to inform their work this year: activism, responsibility, and unity. Noam Yosef, a member of the Joint Council media team, presented an introduction to the world of the mechinot in the media. Next, an innovative media project was kicked off to teach participants how to use media to effectively transmit information to the mechinot. Finally, the students listened to a talk about the Be’er Prize, and the foundations were laid for the inter-mechina project that the students would lead during the year.

Kudos to the participating mechinot, and many thanks to producer Gilad Zilbershtein of the Joint Council and to Mechinat Rabin alumna Aya Tenenbaum for leading the project.

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