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Beit Midrash for mechina heads: Final session of 2017–2018

Twenty-two mechina heads and directors came together to discuss the burning issues affecting the mechina world.

25/02/2018 - 14:44

This Thursday, the forum of mechina heads assembled for a final session of the 2017–2018 year.

There were 22 mechina heads and directors present.

Assaf Shor, alumni coordinator for the Orthodox mechinot, reports:

“We started the day as had been decided: with a discussion of the latest issues from the media, which had to do with various remarks made in lessons at Bnei David. We split up into pairs of participants considered to have opposing views, the better to truly and sincerely share feelings, thoughts, and opinions responding to what had been published in the media. Each participant shared and explained his or her view with a study partner. Afterward we came together as an assembly in which all participants were required to represent their study partners and present their perspective to everyone based on what they had understood from the conversation. It was enthralling, deep, respectful, and in many senses, so educational … We all learned, we gained a better understanding of what unites us and also what divides us, and all from a deep, attentive, and above all loving discourse, which revealed that aside from the glaring differences, we have more than a little in common. Thanks to Devorah Evron for her fine, deliberate moderation.”

“In the second half of the day, we came together to work. We split up into three groups, each of which went over a different part of the Nes Harim document. We discussed it again, clarified, finessed, argued—and finally, after about two hours, we arrived at a draft formula ahead of the second Nes Harim conference, along with clarifications including conclusions from discussions at Beit Midrash sessions throughout the year.

We all left with the sense that it had been an important meeting, with the optimism of feeling that we were united despite our differences.

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