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Partnerships in the periphery and community-building for young people: Be’Artzeinu’s year in review

Be’Artzeinu CEO Tali Arnolf sums up the year’s accomplishments

Wednesday, 24 July 2019 23:56

So how do you sum up a year in which so many good things happened? With a big smile and lots of motivation for the year to come. To try to summarize, this year at Be’Artzeinu we dealt with two main areas.

The first area was building the infrastructure for bringing thousands of young people to the periphery, both graduates of the mechinot (pre-military leadership academies) and others. We introduced the movement to a broad audience of young people, whom we invited to join the community-building effort. With the goal of forming the best possible connection between young people and communities in need of people who will be an engine of growth and change, we forged partnerships with some 50 rural and urban communities in geographically and socially disadvantaged areas.

The second area had to do with the understanding that in order for thousands of young people to choose to settle down in the periphery, they need to be exposed to the idea long before. We took part in creating and operating programs and spaces whose goal is to give young people a connection to the importance of building up the periphery, from the mechina year to the end of academic studies.

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A summary of our work in numbers:

  • Some 2,000 students at 31 mechinot participated in On the Horizon, a community-building education program;
  • 120 young people in 4 mission groups of current or recently discharged soldiers (3 more mission groups are in the process of being established);
  • Some 500 yearly participants in 15 incentivized agricultural work hubs across Israel (the Amali Forum);
  • About 250 students in 9 student communities;
  • 9 Afek grantees (trailblazers in intentional communities), with some 300 participants in activities;
  • Approximately 250 members of 10 intentional communities.

We’re looking forward to continuing our wide-ranging work in the year to come! Join us!

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