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Diaspora Jewry and Israel: An AmiUnity seminar for mechina students

Participants at the one-of-a-kind event learned about Diaspora Jewry, talked about Jewish peoplehood, and heard the stories of students who decided to come to Israel to attend mechina. The event is one of the three AmiUnity seminars being conducted for the mechinot this year

08/01/2020 - 00:01

On January 5, 2020, Mechinat Rabin and Mechinat Shuvu Achim participated in a seminar of the Jewish Agency’s AmiUnity program in cooperation with the Joint Council of Mechinot (Gap-Year Leadership Academies). At the opening session, Yehuda Setton of the Jewish Agency and Hani Zusman of the Joint Council of Mechinot talked about the importance of being acquainted with Diaspora Jewry and strengthening the Israel–Diaspora connection. Then, Avraham Infeld gave a fascinating lecture about the field of Jewish peoplehood and its importance. After the lecture, participants split into groups to process what they had learned and discuss the pillars of Jewish peoplehood and the cultural treasures of the Jewish people.

Next came a discussion session with young people from throughout the world (Norway, Switzerland, the United States, and more) who are now students at Mechinat Kol Ami. They talked about the Jewish experience in their countries of origin, their Jewish identity, the challenges they faced and their sense of pride, and of course why they decided to come and take part in an intensive educational program in Israel.

The day concluded with a lecture by Yarden Freimann on the demographics of world Jewry today: the far-reaching dispersion of Jewish communities, the significant waves of immigration, the makeup of the American Jewish community, the beauty of heterogeneity and dispersion, and the challenges of it all.

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