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Midyear alumni coordinator conference with civil service in the spotlight

Some 40 alumni coordinators from Orthodox, secular, and traditional mechinot came together for a midyear conference highlighting the civil service.

14/01/2018 - 11:24

Tamar Zeira, deputy CEO of the Joint Council of Mechinot (Pre-Military Leadership Academies) and alumni coordinator for the secular and traditional mechinot, reports:

Midyear alumni coordinator assembly: This week, about 40 of us alumni coordinators from traditional, secular, and Orthodox mechinot came together for a midyear assembly, where the focus was on the Israeli civil service.

The first lecture of the morning was given by Uriel Herman , the director of Israel Atudot in the Prime Minister’s Office, who discussed how  Israel Atudot has mapped out the 10,000 most senior positions in the public sector and begun working to fill them with suitable public servants, and the dozens  of programs for cadets and midlevel civil servants founded in the wake of Israel Atudot that are making that goal a reality by training over 600 men and women each year.

Uri made time to participate in the event despite his unforgiving schedule. His central point was very clear: We need you!

Programs and training won’t help if the ethos of public service isn’t given the prominence it deserves, especially if mechina alumni don’t come.

For further details, see (hebrew): 

Next, we met with Moshi Cederbaum, a member of the Bnei David class of 1999  and director of Cadets for Local Government at the Ministry of Interior. Moshi spoke to graduates about the relevant programs in which they can enroll as undergraduates or later to take steps toward entering the civil service. (For details, see (Hebrew))

In short: a significant, fascinating day that gave us inspiration and a shot in the arm to keep fulfilling a critical Zionist mission in which we already play an important part—and our role will become decisive as time goes on.

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