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2018–2019 Alumni Coordinators Forum: Looking back, looking forward

Retaining and developing mechina alumni as a community is an ongoing challenge, and one of the main missions of the mechina world. The Alumni Coordinators Forum held a series of meetings this year to boost alumni community activity

30/05/2019 - 12:09

Last week, the Alumni Coordinators Forum held its seventh and final meeting of the 2018–2019 mechina year. The forum’s goal was to give coordinators tools for being in touch with the alumni of the mechinot (pre-military leadership academies) and keep up a conversation about our existing connections with alumni. One of the forum’s focuses this year was the different options available to mechina graduates to fulfill the ethical objectives set for them by the mechinot: community-building, and professional service in the public sector.

Shir Gilo, who served as alumni coordinator of the Jerusalem Pre-military Leadership Program over the past five years, addressed the final meeting of the forum and shared insights about the different aspects of the coordinator position: how to encourage alumni to take responsibility for producing and executing projects and events at a mechina, how to strike a balance between the alumni community and mechina staff, and last but not least, how to stay relevant to alumni after their mechina year. Later, Be’Artzeinu CEO Tali Arnolf talked about the activities of Be’Artzeinu, the mechina alumni community-building project, as well as the avenues for becoming a part of them.


During the year, the alumni coordinators took part in community-building tours organized by Be’Artzeinu in the Negev and Galilee with the goal of marketing the idea of building communities in Israel’s periphery to the alumni community. A key part of this year’s sessions was peer learning, in which alumni coordinators from independent companies and nonprofit associations came and shared their knowledge. The forum also worked to further develop how the relationship with alumni is managed while they are in the military and when they are pursuing degrees. Joint Council Coordinator of Alumni Affairs Gilad Zilbershtein said: “It’s exciting to see mechinot where the organizational infrastructure is taking shape and alumni affairs activities are developing, as well as alumni coordinators who stay in that position for an extended time. We hope that this work with alumni will broaden and develop in the 2019–2020 year, and that new mechinot will take part.”

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