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Mechinat Lachish alumna Lt. Hadar Cohen honored with kindling the Torch of the IDF

Many representatives of the mechinot played a part in this year’s official Independence Day ceremonies. Meet the alumna who lit a torch on Mount Herzl

31/08/2022 - 13:50

הדרכהןהדלקתמשואה copy

We’re proud to report that 1st Lt. Hadar Cohen, an alumna of Mechinat Lachish at Nachal Oz, kindled the Torch of the IDF at this year’s Independence Day ceremony on Mount Herzl. 1st Lt. Cohen serves as commander of the Lehava Company, a unit of new immigrants at Michve Allon.

As reported on the IDF’s website, “alongside commanders from the Education Corps and the Youth Corps, Hadar contributes in her position to building a better Israeli society. Day in and day out, these commanders extend a hand to soldiers and travel together with them along their unique path to success in military service. In doing so, they promote Israeli unity, tolerance, and equality of opportunity. As a commander, Hadar exhibits quiet and modest leadership that galvanizes her subordinates and exemplifies dedication, uncompromising responsibility, and love of humanity.”

Click here for the complete article on the IDF website (in Hebrew).


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