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The Israeli Mosaic – Integration of marginalized populations in the Mechinot

The Israeli Mosaic – Integration of marginalized populations in the Mechinot

The need:

  • In most of the Mechinot, participants are middle class and the majority is from settlements and neighborhoods of a medium and above socio-economic level. People from the outlying areas and the weaker socio-economic classes are in the minority.  

  • This lack of representation is particularly unfavorably salient in relation to people of Ethiopian origin and people from the Russian mountain region. The lack of participation of the marginalized groups in the Mechinot denies them the opportunity to produce a generation of leaders who could change the existing social situation in which social mobility and socio-economic change include people with the most limitations.

The solution:  

  • The JCM operates a project for the encouragement of integration of students from excluded groups into the Mechinot.

  • Participation in the Mechina has proved to lead to the higher realization of its participants’ potential in their military service and to the development of its alumni among the leaders of civilian society.

Year of inception: 2014

The program includes: (icons)

  • Training Mechinot staff to be familiar with their cultural-social environment  

  • A specialized recruitment plan including work with specialized "field agents" to pinpoint and guide potential youth for integration in the Mechinot

  • An appropriate marketing plan

  • A support and accompanying plan for students

  • Specialized adapted marketing program


Students of Ethiopian origin who attended the Mechinot:

  • 2014/2015 – 112 students - before the program

  • 2015/2016– 225 students – the pilot year of the program


  • Next year – 300 students

  • In five years time: In each Mechina that is not specifically designated for marginalized groups – at least 4 Ethiopian origin or Russian mountain region students.

The amount needed: $75,000

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