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Scholarship Fund – for students lacking financial means

Scholarship Fund – for students lacking financial means

The need:

  • Most of the Mechinot charge students a sum of $3,200 a month to help pay for living expenses at the Mechinot. A significant number of the Mechina students are unable to meet these payments.

  • The JCM is morally and socially committed to allowing each and every suitable candidate to join a Mechina, regardless of his/her socio-economic background.

The solution:

  • In order to remove the financial obstacle, the JCM has decided to set up a scholarship fund and to offer scholarships to eligible students, to cover tuition fees.

Year of inception: 2016

Data: (icons – balance / pie graph)

  • 30% of the students are not able to pay full tuition fees

  • The cost of one student per Mechina year: $12,500

  • State involvement in student cost: $6,250

  • Student payment: $3,200

  • Scholarship needed by student (average): $1,250

The amount needed: 1,000 students x $1,250 = $1,250,000 for the total of the scholarships for all the Mechinot

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