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Ofek Zioni [Zionist Horizon] – Alumni program for a life of fulfillment

Ofek Zioni [Zionist Horizon] – Alumni program for a life of fulfillment

The need:

  • Israeli society is split and it is characterized by a lack of young, idealistic leadership, a feeling of having lost the way and the common vision, and social consolidation is blatantly missing from the public.

The solution:

  • The JCM will operate varied high-quality realization tracks in different areas to promote a society characterized by social commitment, solidarity, help to others, pluralism and tolerance.

Year of inception: 2015

The program includes:


Goals - within 5 years

  • 35% of the Mechina alumni will be integrated in 1 of the 4 major realization goals:

  • Mission-based communities

  • Public service

  • Education

  • The social sector (the third sector) on a significant voluntary basis or professionally

The amount:  $600,000 to set up an infrastructure for alumni activities in all the Mechinot

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