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Meetings in one Land – Acquaintance between Arabs and Jews

Meetings in one Land – Acquaintance between Arabs and Jews

The need:

  • The separation between Jews and Arabs in the Israeli education system provides fertile ground for the creation of prejudice and stereotypes. This separation continues when high-school graduates get to the Mechinot.

The solution:

  • The JCM encourages the Mechinot to join the program for acquaintance with the Arab society in Israel in an attempt to promote the construction of a joint society for the two nations.

  • Across-the-board implementation of the program in all the Mechinot will strengthen and intensify communication between Arabs and Jews and in this way create a tolerant and pluralistic society.

Inception of the program: 2015

The program includes: (icons)

  • Two regular lessons a week in Arabic language and Arab culture

  • Two day seminars covering in-depth study of the Arab society in Israel and its dilemmas

  • Two field trips to Arab communities

  • Two conducted meetings with groups of young similarly-aged Arab men and women.


  • Within five years the program will operate in 30 Mechinot

  • Significant decrease in racist attitudes toward Arabs and Jews among students who complete one year of Mechina

  • Help setting up Mechinot for minority groups

  • Help in integrating individual non-Jews in existing Mechinot

The amount needed: to operate the program in 30 Mechinot: $150,000

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