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About The Joint Council of Pre-Military Academies (Mechinot) - JCM

About the Joint Council

The mission of the Joint Council of Mechinot (Pre-Military Leadership Academies), the representative organization of all mechinot in Israel, is to turn the common educational vision of these institutions into practical reality. The Joint Council is a registered nonprofit whose membership consists of the fifty-four mechinot accredited by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Education.

Information for parents

The mechinot (pre-military leadership academies) prepare young people from all Israeli demographic groups for leadership roles in society in general and the IDF in particular. Each of the mechinot, which are located throughout Israel, from Mayan Baruch in the north to Be’er Ora in the Arava, is a registered nonprofit association that functions according to a dormitory model. Your child can choose to attend a coeducational secular mechina, a mixed secular and religious mechina, or an Orthodox mechina for either young men or young women.

A message from the CEO

The JCM of Pre-Military Leadership Academies (Mechinot) is the organization that represents all the legally recognized Mechinot in Israel. The joint council is the driving force behind the initiation of cooperative ventures between the Mechinot and behind the joint projects that together come to form the joint educational enterprise of the Mechinot, i.e. an exciting enterprise that has the greatest potential to lead to social change in the State of Israel.

Our Partners and Donors

We are grateful to our partners for their ongoing support of the individual mechinot (pre-military leadership academies) as well as the inter-mechina work of the Joint Council.

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The mechinot are in their pioneering start up stage and we are looking to partner with people who believe as we do that developing Israel's future leaders with strong moral, Jewish, and universal values of tolerance, pluralism and a deep commitment to Judaism and Democracy is crucial to Israel's future. The "mechinot" are part of the solution to Israel's social challenges and offers confidence and hope for the future. A new cadre of activists and leaders can be developed who are capable of bridging significant differences in world view regarding Israel and the Jewish people to work together to solve core challenges of Israeli society.

Our Partners and Donors